Day 7 Food/Exercise Log

Today for warm up I did yet another FitnessBlender abs workout cool down and I must say, I was not feeling it. Some days I feel pumped up and ready to go, others, I have to go through the motions. That’s right, fake it til you make it!

In other news, I am prepping for a pretty long drive (15 hours) and trip back to Florida for a wedding, so I was thinking I’d share how to stay healthy on a long trip. 

1. Communicate with Your Host

I think if you are determined to stick to it no matter what, the hosts cooking and keeping you deserve to know that there are certain foods you are trying to avoid. It’s way nicer than simply not eating anything they put in front of you and much more desirable than letting all your hard work and discipline go down the drain! So fess up. Offer to help purchase groceries and cook to take the burden of the meal prep and planning off.

2. Pack Snacks Wisely

Generally I try not to eat TOO many nuts, not too many fat bombs or the “naughtier” of my healthy foods, but on a trip if it’s the difference between in a moment of weakness grabbing chips or fat bombs, french fries and burgers vs. nuts and dried fruit, then I give myself leway to eat more of the tastier convenience treats that help my brain feel like I’m splurging a little without blowing everything.

3. Pre-write a Grocery List

Once you get to your destination, you’ll need to stock a couple of snacks for between meal munchies. It’s good to keep deli meat, cheese, pickles around to grab on the go during a busy trip. These all keep fairly well for the day and fit compactly in ziplocks, etc…

Above you’ll see I have my prep going on. I have my dry mixtures in a grocery bag (I’ll list what I’m bringing below), then a cooler with ice packs for the cold stuff, drinks etc…I love to freeze some smart waters to double as ice packs. Who doesn’t love ice cold water?!?

In my dry pack:

Salt and vinegar almonds

Mixed nuts and jumbo raisins

Annie’s bunnies for the kids

Coffee in travel mugs

Cold pack:



Bai Tea

Stuffed Celery

Peanut Butter Fat Bombs

Cheese and Pepperoni slices

So that’s my plan, nothing super fancy, just tasty whole foods and nourishing snacks!!

Today’s​ line up….


Coffee, heavy cream and swerve sweetener

Water and supplements

Eggs, 2 bacon slices and 2 pepperoni slices


1 fat bomb


Pork tenderloin (about 4-5 oz)

Salad w/ ranch

2 stuffed celery sticks (stolen from my food prep for the trip)

A few slices of Polska kielbasa (off of the babies’ unfinished plate)


Another 2 fat bombs (they are so darn delicious!)


Roasted chicken w/ the skin

Baby carrots

Salad w/ more homemade ranch

Ginger Ale Zevia

I told you soon I’d show you all my supplements, there are about 10 pills prior to this not shown here, these all pertain to healing gut, detoxing from the lead and then probiotics multivitamins, etc…

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