Easy Fall Porch Pumpkins

I have often DIY’d home decor from book and fabric wreaths to refinishing tile, but I have been seeing these sweet little porch pumpkins around Pinterest and Etsy and you just can NOT justify paying $50+ for these adorable accents when their simplicity is what makes them SO adorable! This will more or less just show and tell what I did so not to spend an arm and a leg to get my desired result.
Melissa and Doug
The wood I used was leftover from my ruler project (pictured below) and I had a neighbor cut it to these various sizes. The longest is 21″ tall 1″ thick. I stained the pine board with a special walnut stain and painted the others with acrylic paints, sealing them with a UV and moisture resistant sealant which is compatible with wood, paint, fabric etc… The accents were twine for the pumpkin stems and some wheat and fall leaves that I had lying around from other fall decor, but were all purchased at some point from the dollar store.


BellapierreI hand drew the letters which I looked up on Pinterest finding a font that I liked and changing it where necessary. I marked the top and bottom of each letter then lightly drew them with pencil, editing until they were straight and just how I wanted them. I actually thought this part would be more difficult than it was when I used a ruler to be sure they were around the same width and spacing from the edge of the board. The steps went something like this…..
Panda Planner
Step 1 Sand and Stain and Glue:

Sand any rough edges rounding the corners a little and blow off dust. Using a water-based Special Walnut colored stain and a rag, rub a single layer of stain over the whole board (be sure to do the edges as you will be able to see those as well). If you are pleased with color, allow an hour to dry before stenciling and painting, otherwise, apply another coat of stain to deepen and darken the color.
Little Passports

I then used a pointed acrylic paintbrush to trace, then fill in the letters being sure to lay it on thick so the white would be striking and bright. Go slowly with this step…
Organic Baby Food
Using a wood glue, I fixed a scrap piece of wood to the top of each pumpkin, but you could easily go out in the woods and find small pine cones and use wood glue to afix it to the top (it would look cute that way IMO, but we will cover it later if you like this look).
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Step 2 Stenciling and Painting:

Using a ruler, mark the edge of where your letters will start (careful, use very light marks so they’ll be easy to cover later) and where they will end and try to make them the same height. Mark the same amount of space for your leaf. I find it was helpful to look at the font I wanted on my phone back and forth to be sure I was getting the features I wanted. Draw your letters using the ruler to keep things straight. Don’t worry, any mistakes can be easily erased and painted over.
eLuxury Supply
Next look up a maple leaf and copy it with the pencil as well.

Using a real fine tipped paint brush, slowly apply paint using it to cover and pencil marks. Start with the letters top to bottom, LET THEM DRY (otherwise you’re in danger of running your arm through and dragging paint across the board). Then paint your maple leaf. This is where there is a lot of room for you to make this project your own ūüôā Do a red, yellow or orange leaf and use any of those same colors to run a vein throughout the leaf. Again, allow to dry for 2-5 hours before applying a sealer like the pic below.


Paint the other boards your desired colors (I picked these out specifically from Hobby Lobbby, you do the same based on what colors you like, but I’ll show you what I did for my modern looking smallish pumpkin :)).

I painted the small pumpkin hunter green, then when dried I ran some white over it dragging a paper towel over it to show the green through a little.
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After the orange one dried, I took the yellow from the leaf, mixed a little white with it and painted circles sporadically. Allow to dry.

Step 3, Accents and Finishes:

Now that everything has dried sufficiently, using a small twine (surprise surprise it was from Hobby Lobby), tie a knot at the base of your wood stem or pine cone and begin wrapping it until you get to the top and tuck the last bit in at the back like so…..


As you can see, I also wood-glued on those dollar store leaves with an acorn. Lay flat to dry so it won’t slide down).

After twine is fixed on the smallest board, wrap a ribbon around and trim the ends real pretty. If you have some decorative wheat, you can slip it down through the ribbon and trim it.
Charley M by Cake Maternity

Finally spray the twine, ribbon, wheat and painted boards evenly with the sealant shown in step #2. Hold the ribbon to the board after it’s been sprayed so the ribbon with get stuck to the board in an attractive fashion. This will protect the ribbon from sun-fading and weather. Again, let everything dry and Voila!! It is complete!!

You can style your boards as I intend to, with real pumpkins or small decorative hay bales.

I hope you enjoyed the easiness of this project, and I hope to see pics if any of you decide to try it! Don’t forget to Pin this for later below and share with a friend!!


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