Post Travel Rally and Announcement!

Traveling amidst goals of healthy eating usually looks something like, Day 1-“Oh, I am NOT eating junk food!! Ever!!, Day 2-“just a little of Aunt whoever’s casserole to be polite, Day 3-“aw, I’m on vacation, I’ll pick up where I left off when I get home (*downs huge bacon cheeseburger*)

But this time I’m happy to say that probably the naughtiest thing I ate was a few french fries one day. I feel remarkably good and am so glad I didn’t botch my progress!! But big stuff is in the near future, big stuff and tiny waists 😜

So I said an have an announcement, Dan and I have been talking about going Ketogenic with our diets as an experiment. We are going to post before Paleo pictures, then after pics which will serve as our before Keto pictures too. I’ll post my Costco order on Friday so you can see how I’m prepping for this, then I’ll keep doing my daily journals and if anyone is interested I can try to do meal plans that you can check out or even (do you dare?) Follow along and get healthier and lose weight!

One of the biggest learning curves health-wise usually happens for us when we research and actually TRY diets that make sense. If you’d like to read more about Keto, you can click here. Keto is low carb, high fat and has been used as a Manor ward-off of Alzheimer’s as it is amazingly healthy for the brain. Foggy thinking? Fatigue? Keto might be your answer!

Let me know if there are any other journey details you are curious about. We generally do a weekly grocery haul in addition to the monthly Costco one to save some money. I will post measurements, weight and pics so that in a month or 2 I can repost with results. I also found a website that helps you find your own net carb number, you can check it out here.

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