I am beyond excited to introduce to you my new secret weapon — JuiceBeauty.com whose products are totally amazing! I want to make it clear this is in no way something that I personally sell, it’s simply a clean, organic skincare company started by a lady who had her first child late in life and decided she needed to FEED her skin with healthy, natural products. Juice has asked me to try their products knowing that I would love them for their paraben and phthalate free formulas primarily derived from fruits and plant extracts.

Feed Your Skin - 15% off first purchase plus free shipping over $30 - 300x600 

I sought out JuiceBeauty.com as an opportunity to gain advertisers for my site in all honesty, but what I got was an incredibly helpful team that wanted to send me product to try. Juice is so confident in their product that they wanted me to review it for all of you! “So,” you say, “what do you think?”

As of right now, I am feeling beyond pampered. I mean, look at how generous and how proud this company is of it’s products! They sent me a box load of FULL SIZED products!


You can read most of the large ones, but the small black ones are actually beauty products including…

Tinted Makeup Primer

Lip crayon (in the most adorable pink color)

Cream Blush

Lip Cream (Goes on like a subtley pink lip balm so it gives color, but conditions and hydrates the lip)

I feel like my skin has had a long drink after having been dehydrated for a long time. What’s more is these products smell citrusy and totally invigorating! Going through this routine in the AM makes me feel pumped and totally put together. In the evening, the massaging onto my face seems to relax the muscles in my face after a long day of smiling, frowning and all of the in between expressions that leave your face just needing a little relaxation.


Over the next couple of days/weeks, I will review this product and let you know what I think. Right now I am in development of a routine with the anti-aging cleansers, creams and eye treatments (you are NEVER too young to start with anti-aging skin care, I wish I would have started this when I was 15!) and then I will let you know what I have developed in the way of routine, how I feel it has/hasn’t been right for me. So stay tuned and drink in the beauty that is JuiceBeauty.com!


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