Keto Pregnancy Update Week 12

I’ve received incredible feedback concerning pregnancy and Keto. It seems a lot of people are interested and curious about whether pregnancy and Keto can go hand in hand. Reference my last post on Keto Pregnancy My Way to gain some insight to the approach I’ve taken with Keto this pregnancy. It’s a lot more relaxed and there is a lot of grace on “morning sickness” days in order to make it through feeling the best I can feel.
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12 week bump pic!

So, how has it gone, you may wonder. A few days ago I was struggling more than usual with some morning (really afternoon) sickness and it seems that one of the only things that quiets down my stomach is some Ezekial toast or salty potato chips. I have allowed myself a serving of chips as during pregnancy the carb needs are higher than an average woman (but not by much). I have found that I can easily stay in ketosis eating up to 60g net carbs (that’s total carbs minus total fiber), so this often fits into my regimen just fine. However, when said day came about I was literally over-doing it in the realm of carbs because that was all that appealed after catching a whiff of my son’s stinky diaper and smelling some smoked meat that sent me spiraling to my first vomit of this pregnancy (Oh the bliss of a pregnancy nose!!).


This being said, it threw me out of Ketosis. Feeling slightly discouraged, I remembered the words of Lily Nichols, pregnancy nutritionist and gestational diabetes expert, in the podcast where she laid out how trimester by trimester your diet will morph when trying to maintain a whole foods based diet. She talks about the fact that in her own recent pregnancy, it was sometimes more of a survival of the first trimester, then once morning sickness was at bay, some of the aversions you have are lessened and you are able to eat more vegetables and be less sensitive to smells. This is where the affor  mentioned grace with myself comes in handy. My goal is to lower the carb count back down, give myself some time to reenter ketosis and avoid the many pitfalls I have come to realize lead to my keto demise.
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  1. strong or persistent smells
  2. waiting too long to eat
  3. being dehydrated

These are just three that I have found get me on a cycle of feeling nauseated until or unless I relent and consume too many carbs for stomach settling purposes and then restock my glycogen stores. The midwife I met with this week told me “the process of pregnancy and birth is all about surrender.” I quite agree and so diet, too, is not an exact science, it is a fluid changing thing to be learned intuitively.
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Speaking of midwives, I am so excited to make the announcement that I have found the group of ladies who will help me bring this little one into the world! As long as the pregnancy continues to go as well as it has, we will be delivering at home with an experienced and totally amazing midwife. I was able to meet with her and go over the stats. She’s been doing this for 30 years and never lost a baby or mother and has had very few referred for surgery. This will be my first VBAC after 2 C-sections and I was obviously concerned, but my new midwife has recently delivered a lady in my exact same situation and mom and baby are both well and doing wonderfully. I am so excited and can’t say that I am without nerves about the whole thing, but I’ve never been so at peace with any decision regarding my pregnancy. Check out this video of a beautiful home birth that has me so day dreamy! The cost involved includes birth classes and a lot of recommendations on supplements. The last few weeks, she will actually travel to my house for my appointments and get to know the area where baby will be born.
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I am still feeling great and have not currently gained any weight. Daniel and I were both commenting and this being the leanest I have been at this stage in pregnancy out of all of my pregnancies. Usually by now I am storing excess fat in my hips and arms, but have so far been able to keep that down. I hope all of you will continue to follow along as I document this journey. Soon I hope to post some of the recipes I have had as staples in this first trimester. Perhaps I can do a little “Keto Pregnancy, What I Eat in a Day.” let me know if you’d be interested in a post like that!

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