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I…see…you. The one who isn’t sure if you are doing everything right or if you have the right macros, ratios, etc… I was at the beginning of Keto going “I know I SHOULD do this, but I don’t want to.” I had the will to see change without the motivation to say “however long it takes.” My Keto ventures were limited to intervals that were hard to stick to because I, 1) didn’t know if I was doing it “right” 2) didn’t have the facts that helped me carry through when I wasn’t seeing results. I didn’t know what was happening in my body and when I felt poorly it was just an excuse to give up.

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There are some amazing resources that I have found this time around that have been a guiding light when it comes to understanding the Keto process of healing and how important it is to gain healing, not just weight loss. Check out these links below….

Shawn Mynar

The first on our lineup is this incredibly knowledgable licensed nutritionist, Shawn Mynar on the Keto for Women Podcast. Her podcasts run for about an hour, but they are loaded with information, question answering and even resources such as personal coaching should you just really be stumped when it comes to your health. Shawn has been through her own healing journey and stresses that if you want to lose weight, you have to HEAL your body. This has been a huge encouragement to me as when the scale is at a stand still, it doesnt mean that nothing is happening….

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Dr Eric Berg

Dr. Eric Berg, Keto doctor, author, coach and YouTube contributor is a fantastic quick reference with his short and to the point educational videos that provide answers to questions with an educated and practiced opionion. Dr. Berg has helped many patients with their Keto journey and has healed his own broken metabolism which you can hear about by following the link and checking out his page. Dr. Berg answers questions like “Is Keto good for you long term” or “The Basics of intermittent fasting” and MUCH more!


fat for fuel

Fat For Fuel by Dr. Mercola is probably the single most influential book on my Keto journey and has literally been the #1 resource that gave me the understanding I needed to fuel a “never quit” mentality when it comes to Keto. If I could only recommend one resource for the Keto diet, I would tell you read this. If I could buy a copy for all of you out there, I would. Dr. Mercola and his team of scientists don’t just TALK Keto, they live it and experiment with it and do studies to research it so to prove what the most effective approach is. You may also be interested for quick reference in his blog Click HERE.

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My favorite source for tracking macros is this free website and app SparkPeople.com . You’ve probably heard that on Keto you want your macro ratios to be 75-80% fat, 10-20% protein, and 5-10% carb; on Spark People when you are done entering your food for the day you can click the nutrition break down and it will show you a pie chart with those three percentages. CAUTION: While I LOVE Spark People, I would do a word pf warning in that they do not have a Keto/Low carb minded type of program, so you will need to calculate your own macros which can be determined using a Keto macro calculator, then adjusted once you know more about what your body needs by eating intuitively. For instance I had lowered my protein to somewhere around 50g a day and was hungry ALL of the time. I then upped my protein to 60-70g a day and felt much better.


So know your own macros, but allow SparkPeople to break it all down into ratios for you. Also, take advantage of Spark People’s copy button. If you eat about the same lunch every day like I do, you can create a “group” and it’s one click to enter your food. Or copy yesterday’s food to today. It’s very handy!
I hope that some of these resources will give you the confidence you need to stick with Keto past the “Keto Flu” or the weight loss stalls, etc…There is just too much good that can happen to you. Just like in life, things often get worse before they get better and we simply need to answers to our questions to gain the confidence we need to keep calm and carry on. Check these out, share this link with a friend and make progress with your health. Please let me know if you check these out and what you think!

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