Kara’s Keto Week 2 Meal Plan

Week one of meals went just great! Keeping it simple and doing the same breakfast and lunch every day made my life easier and got me to the point where I am producing high amounts of ketones. Tracking my success on Sparkpeople.com was a huge blessing as I was able to see my ratios being around 75-82% fat each day and saw my fiber intake and was able to calculate net carbs (Carbs-Fiber=Net Carbs, the number that really counts). The fat bombs, butter added to eggs and atop veggies really helped me to get around and above my goal of 200g of fat or more! I also stumbled onto a great doctor that set me straight about the direction I am heading with Keto.


I’d really love for all of you to listen to this short video by Dr. Berg which helps explain what Keto Adapted is vs. Ketosis is and how your body will respond to a Ketogenic diet and what the expectations from the diet should be over the longer term. I found it really helpful in understanding it and having an educated Keto practicing doctor explain it helped give me some confidence that this can work when done faithfully over time. Check out the video HERE. What I really was surprised to hear was that the goal on Keto should be to widen the gap between eating periods of your last meal and your first the following day. I like this concept, but I am not quite there just yet. My plan is that when I become fat adapted, I’d like to get to where I am only eating at noon, 2p.m. and 5p.m. Until that time, my current plan has me on the right track and I’d love for you to check it out!

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Keep in mind that portions on this meal plan are totally up to your specific dietary needs and will only work for weight loss if you are adhering to those boundaries. I can only have 109.5g of protein per day, you may find (especially if you are male or taller than 5’4″) that you need more. I HIGHLY recommend reading Dr. Mercola’s book Fat For Fuel where he helps you determine each of these ratios and where you can educate yourself on how to do Keto in the best, most beneficial way for the healing of your body and the loss of excess weight that is contributing to health problems.

This Kara’s Keto Meal Plan Week 2  is the plan that I have been following the past couple of days (grocery day is on Friday so generally I start following the plan then) and so far SO enjoyable. The food is satisfying and the recipes are hitting the spot and I’m going to link to the recipes so y’all can reference them and the meal plan all in one article!
Keto Lemon Blueberry Muffins (2 carbs each)

Bacon Wrapped Avocado Burgers (KETO, Low Carb)

3 Ingredient Crispy Barbecue Chicken Wings  (Use sugar free BBQ sauce or Keto Ranch from below article as the sauce)

Keto Ranch Dressing

Paleo Southern “Fried” Okra (can use frozen with same method)

Baked Bacon Ranch Chicken Thighs (Keto, low carb) (or as stated, you can do a whole chicken for the thighs for dinner and feed the rest to your family, the whole chicken or thigh bones are great for making broth which can help you get past any fatigue with the Keto flu)

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As you will notice, this meal plan utilizes leftovers #thumbsup! And the meat can be purchased in bulk and rotated in whatever pattern you like to give variety. Usually I use any leftover dinners and feed my kids with that, then stick to my lunches pretty religiously so I know I am getting enough vegetables and what my macros are. Another wonderful benefit of using a tracker like Sparkpeople is the ability to copy previous days’ foods to the following day. So since I eat the same breakfast and lunch daily, that leaves only minor entries such as dinner or if I decided to switch up my snack that day.
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I hope you all decide to give this low carb high fat meal plan a try, don’t forget to share on social media using the buttons below! Thanks and eat well!

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