Decaffeinated and New Year Blog Goals (Keto meal plans plan)

What would you do if you cut out your daily cup of coffee? You see in the past, since I was six years old, I’ve never NOT been on coffee for any extended period of time. There’s always been a consistent stream of caffeine going through my system. Now here I am day 3 of no caffeine….none! The first two days were the hardest, but I am starting to feel the brain fog lift and there were no headaches today and no medications! Yaya! This no-coffee experiment was born of an intrigue to see if cutting out the dairy (the half and half or heavy cream I can’t live without in my coffee) and the caffeine would benefit my health significantly. I also don’t like the idea that I “can’t live without” something and am wanting to take a period of time to focus on what is truly good for me, and be honest with myself. If I have developed some sort of unhealthy addiction, then I need to loosen the grip it has on me. I DO enjoy the flavor of coffee, but I’ve often found myself drinking a not-so-good cup of coffee because I needed the caffeine. I don’t want to be controlled by desires or addictions, I want to make mindful decisions that take me toward my goals! So I’d like to do a bit of a dump here and tell you all what I am thinking for the New Year, not just for myself, but for the blog direction.

I have gone over how each year my husband and I love to set goals on a monthly basis in a past post New Year New You. This has worked out great for about the last 3 years and we will likely continue to operate this way. This December we decided that we would start our coffee fast the day after Christmas and that it would last the duration of January. We also talked about some thrilling and exciting ventures that I aspire to blog the success story of. Keto–for at least 4 months strict. And not just any Keto, Dr. Mercola’s Fat For Fuel MMT diet meant for healing and detoxifying at the mitochondrial level. You may think “I just want to look good and drop some pounds,” but at the root of a lot of the fatigue and weight gain we experience often is a broken system within us that is crying out for some TLC. We don’t just want to get rid of weight (by we, I mean myself and my wonderful and totally driven husband Dan), we want to feel better than ever, and fix the problem at the root of weight gain and cyclical bad decision making. This journey is more than physical for us, it is very much spiritual as well.Welcome to Evergreen Home: Indoor Décor, Furniture, Wall Art & More.

So……Goals for blogging this process for the data and benefit of you all…

  1. Come up with a month of Keto meals that I will blog for your benefit and mine
  2. Keep caffeine and dairy OUT of my diet for the month of January
  3. Stay strict Keto for 4 months, monitoring blood glucose levels for a more successful venture.

Here is the first week of Keto grocery haul. I am going to show you some extremely basic and simple ways to decide your meals in a cost effective way that is tasty and routine (not routine in a boring way, but routine in a way that won’t have you cooking 7 different breakfasts 7 days of the week).

So if you have never bought pool sized baking soda, it is only $6 at Costco for this huge bag and we use it for detox baths. It helps your body draw toxins out through the skin and alkalizes your body. It can also be used for a fantastic face scrub mixed with essential oils and we use about a bag a month. 1 cup in a hot bath and soak for at least 20 minutes. How is THAT for a prescription?? Anywho, back to meal planning!
My friend who does Trim Healthy Mama and I were talking about meal plans and we were talking about how ridiculous most Pinterest meal plans are when they have you cooking different meals every single day of the week. Granted, you could take the one meal you are willing to make and make that every day for 7 days, replace that lunch with leftovers from the night before and before you know it you have a meal plan that actually works for you…….but then you’ve written it yourself……so why not do that in the first place? It’s not as daunting as it may seem, I am going to get you picks of how I draw this sucker out with a pencil by hand each week and work on getting you a month of easy, breakfast/lunch repetitive meals planned in a way that will take advantage of every grocery you purchase so nothing gets waisted (or you purchase something that gets used in ONE meal and never again…). I am so excited, please let me know your thoughts and what you are looking for from this journey, meal plans, experience, journal style thoughts on the diet, I’d honestly like to hear from all of you what thoughts would be helpful to share on this journey. Thanks and eat well!

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