Lips and Cheeks, Juice Organic Beauty Products

Today’s cheeks and lip makeup brought to you by!

I have been using Juice Beauty products for 2 weeks now. I can’t believe how hydrating and moisturizing they are! To be honest, I’ve had a lot of trouble with paraben free products feeling a bit like wet plastic on my face. There’s just not a lot I’ve genuinely felt “works” with my skin.

Best Buy Co, Inc.



Today, when I got ready, I realized I had opted for 4 of‘s products before my routine was done. I began with the , added , applied my foundation, then used the and ended by tinting their Satin Lip Cream


I am loving the colors and the moisture this cream blush is giving me! I also love that the color is a deep mauvey-pink so it ties my makeup in with the changing colors of my wardrobe!


For the blush, I used a narrow brush to swirl it back and then forward onto my cheeks. I often struggle with my makeup looking too matte, or dry (due to my lighter complexion). This is why I love this cream blush! It’s so subtle, but instead of the powdery look, it lends a very healthy looking glow. I really could see using the lip balm as a blush with the pretty color it has.


Fun tip I tried this time around: apply Juice Beauty Lip Cream then dab some purple and white eye shadow on the top to “tint” it to match your look!!

Here is how it goes on without tinting…


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