June Update, Keto Experiment and Lead Detox

Wow, sorry to be bringing you this almost 2 weeks into July, but as I mentioned to a friend of mine, there were variables that prevented me from taking measurements at the beginning of the month.

First, I would like to say how glad I am that I have kept a monthly journal of all the measurements, weight etc….I know that until my gut is healed and I am finished with the lead detox, I will not drop all the weight that I want to and that it will be WAY harder for me than for a healthy person to do so, but I can see how different variables affect my hold of water, weight gain, and ultimately which way of life works for me.

So let me start by talking about the Lead Detox. The number of drops of the chelation therapy to remove the lead from my tissues in the beginning went up to 9, that was how much my body needed to get rid of what was in my system. Usually it takes the average person with heavy metal toxicity using this method of treatment about a year or more to detox. I want to thank God right now, that I am now down to a 6 which means that I am headed toward being done. It will continue to go down and my prayer is that I will be done with the detox by my birthday! So please pray with me about that! The healing of my leaky gut has kind of taken a pause and my body (according to my NAET doc) is putting priority on detoxing.

The next pictures I am posting are of my journals starting in March when we were doing pretty consistent Paleo. I did not post the April stats because they are pretty much the same as March. In March I was eating Paleo, not yet “cycling” regularly if you know what I mean, and not really exercising yet. At this point I was still dealing with a lot of fatigue and detox symptoms. By May, I was starting Keto, but as I said in my last update, I ate some pretty bodacious meals on the weekends. Even though I was very strict during the week, it was like my body couldn’t handle eating the SAD (standard American diet) even for one meal!

So allow me to lay out the pattern for you, Paleo in March, Keto cycling in May, Keto with fruit and potatoes on the weekend in June (no junk food or anything). With Keto, the first thing you lose is excess water, then your body knocks off the fat. I never really lost that water weight after eating “bad” a couple of times in May.

There are a couple of interesting points that lead me to believe that I am getting back on track with Paleo. For one thing, by the end of June, I was weighing 146. I could hardly believe it and was very discouraged to say the least. I began eating Paleo about a week ago, and I am already down to 143. It’s no 136, but nothing else was helping me stay budge the scale and I am headed in the right direction once again.

Variables that I think influence the slow pace of weight loss for me:

In June, I consistently started back into running, exercising and building muscle (it has been a pattern for me that I first gain a couple of pounds when building muscle before losing which is why I am NOWHERE near as concerned about the scale as I am about my measurements)

I finally am having consistent (TMI WARNING!) periods which make a huge difference in weight retention

Keto. I mean, the way I did Keto. Listen, I believe Keto works. I know it does, in fact. People who have consistently stayed on a Ketogenic diet with little to no variation have seen tremendous results. I have done this as a means to find a lifestyle for me that is the healthiest most sustainable lifestyle for ME! But you know what? Keto is essentially the strictest form of Paleo when you boil it down and I just didn’t like micromanaging every macro-nutrient. My body used to be allergic to vitamin A and therefore treated fats as an enemy. I would say the most helpful thing Keto taught me was to embrace and eat more fat! Fat is not the enemy and going forward BACK into Paleo, I will keep fat high in my diet! Doing this has majorly helped my detox symptoms and helped to clear up my acne a lot.

So, Paleo. Not obsessing over carbs, but focusing on enjoying nourishing my body. A little more baking (which I love and miss often), a little honey in my coffee. I really found that on Keto, I felt like it was a “diet” and not something I had the intention of doing for the rest of my life, nor something that I felt like I even WANTED to maintain for more than a few months. Paleo really is a way of life that focuses on feeding your body whole foods that fuel you. I look forward to returning to a lifestyle of Paleo.

I know you are waiting for the pictures right?? I am happy to say that the pics are not wildly different. I’d be even less happy (to tell you the truth) if I was super skinny doing Keto (GASP!!!). Yeah, to be honest, I’m happy that I was skinnier on Paleo because I am HAPPIER when I eat Paleo. It’s liveable, enjoyable and totally doable for me!


The next fazes for my journey include buckling down and getting DONE with this detox, moving forward with my running (which is so empowering and uplifting to me), building muscle, and healing my gut. I also look forward to losing weight and my face clearing up, but I know that slow and steady is the key for me here! I am feeling great and hoping to feel better and better.

I just want to offer here that, if I did not know the Lord personally through this time, I literally would be a wreck. I thank Him and give Him all the credit for HIS discernment and guidance through this whole thing! There have been a lot of unknowns and uncertainties, but when I have followed the urgings He has given my heart, He has guided this ship out of many stormy waters. Prayer to me looks like a get real, honest talk with God where I recognize that he is big and I am small and the conversation goes both ways! Have a great day guys!


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  1. Well done! Your results photos are amazing!

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