Bacon Wrapped Potato Wedges + Awesome Sauce

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Recently we got the notion that now that we are settling down a little, it is time to replant a garden. It is so funny how personal and how good God is, because I had sort of pushed it off because of finances. We just were deciding to buckle down and not buy more than we needed to for a portion of time. Well, He saw me, and he laid it on a lady’s heart from our church to bring me a slat of plants. In it were all manner of peppers, tomatoes and melons. I am beyond excited that in it were included these Pepperocini. We finally got them in the ground despite the fact that we did not have or rent a tiller and they are still taking off like wild fire even though they are planted in the midst of grass!


In case you were wondering what these have to do with Bacon wrapped potato wedges, stay with me. These have nothing to do with that, I am just so proud of these little buggers I had to share!

Now to the real recipe for this here episode of Kara’s crazy cooking conundrum……..


These delicious good-but-bad treats were sort of my snunch. You know, when you wake up late on a Saturday, but you go ahead and eat breakfast anyway. It sort of leaves you with this afternoon hunger too big to ignore, but too close to dinner to risk it. So, I decided that some steamed broccoli and a little carbalicious snack was just what the doctor ordered.


These are so simple I’m going to do something I don’t think I’ve ever done before, I am going to do a picture recipe instruction. Here is what you need:

2 large potatoes cut into wedges

6 slices of bacon cut in half

a pan lined with foil or parchment paper

These are a great “man pleaser” if you have that guy in your life who loves meat more than chocolate, these will be like bringing him a bouquet of roses.



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