Vanilla Iced Coffee Using Coffee Cubes (Low carb, Keto)

I am so excited to share with you one of my favorite summer traditions. This coffee idea is beyond delicious, it’s down right genius. You know the struggle if you are a slow coffee drinker or just an extremely busy person; one minute you have a hot cup of coffee in your hand, you go to take a sip and it’s lukewarm. BLEH! Give me either hot or cold or, like Jesus, I will spew it out of my mouth! Just kidding, I am the one that has to clean that stuff up! You get the picture, something has to change. I hate wasting coffee; when I pour out my cup, usually there is some leftover, therefore, an idea was born.

I love me some hot coffee, I love me some iced coffee, but usually the iced coffee is only good until the ice melts. Then it’s watery and you kind of have to “make it through” the last few sips to ensure the maximum caffeination possible (i.e. my goal). I had an idea to avert this problem involving freezing leftover coffee into ice cube trays and stashing them in the freezer. It solves both the leftover wasted coffee problem and solves the watery coffee issue. You see, as the cubes melt, they don’t water down your coffee, they actually make it stronger and stronger.

This created yet another problem as the coffee became bitter as the cubes melted. The solution is simple. You put just a little “too much” sweetener and cream and as the cubes melt your coffee simply becomes tastier and tastier!! I created a short video explaining the perfect science that is the summer Keto or non-Keto iced coffee. You can check out the video HERE!!


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