Results of Cyclical Keto During AET Treatments (The May Experiment)

As promised, good or bad, I am posting measurements from my Keto experiment this past month. But first…..I must preface….

I have been undergoing treatments for leaky gut and lead poisoning since March of this year. The gut healing has taken second priority in my body to the lead detox (more on this later) . This means that I am still in the bacteria healing phase. In short, the process goes, kill bad bacteria-restore probiotics and good flora-then heal the lining of the gut. So if you can get this picture in your head, anytime I eat something I am allergic to, I have an “autoimmune response” which means some of it leaks into my blood stream and makes me abnormally fatigued, sometimes it looks like a cold (snotty nose and everything, but it is really an allergic reaction), and sometimes it makes me achy and sore in my bones (inflammation), but ALWAYS accompanied by weight gain and bloating.

This being said, I will now show you the measurements with the knowledge that I have been 2 weeks strict NO-cycling Keto when I took the first measurements on the left, then I had cycled bad foods only ONE MEAL ONE DAY on each weekend in May. Meaning, I only ate Mexican for one meal on a Saturday etc…


As I referenced the other day in THIS article, I was a little silly to think I could eat “bad” carbs before the gut healing process is totally done and healed. Even when I can have cake with real flour for a birthday or something, it must only be EVERY great now and then. I realize that now. It’s funny, look above and you’ll see that almost everything else is the same, but my gut must be swollen because it is concentrated at my waist and its a gain of 5.5lbs. I knew this was the case because when we ate the Mexican food I ate what was one of my greatest offenders, corn. Corn chips, corn tortillas, oh did it taste good, but I woke up the next day feeling like I had been beaten up the night before and laid in bed to die. I then had knee issues where I was limping etc….Have I painted what it’s like? I am in NO WAY asking for pity here. I am sharing where my passion comes from. Why I must make this a way of life and not just “a diet.”

I will say, the days that I tested with Ketone test strips to see if I was in Ketosis and I was, I felt amazing. But then I would “cycle” incorrectly and away went my energy and on came the problems. Mo flour Mo problems.

I know, I should know better right? I do. But like most if not all of you, there are times I remember what I used to eat and I want that experience, but you know what? I never got the experience I was looking for. Each time I ate bad, I felt bad and it wasn’t really as good as I had envisioned it….the addictions are gone, but the memory of those foods is still with me. It is so enlightening learning about this and what is happening in my body AND my mind.

Speaking of my mind, let me go ahead and just share with you a little about the lead poisoning and detox. You can read most of my ongoing story here, but I will give a brief synopsis of how we found it out and what my doctor and I am doing to fight back/recover.

When I was about 6 years old I started helping my parents with a newspaper route in our home where we rolled thousands of newspapers and bagged/delivered them. Each Tuesday and Thursday night for years until I left home we were covered in black ink from the mineral oil used to produce them. Yes, this is the ONLY explanation aside from vaccines as a child. So that’s the source, but it was cool how the allergy doc figured it out. He was investigating via muscle testing just why my acne had flared up so bad. When we narrowed the allergen vials down to a few he literally said “that can’t be…” and a curious me waited anxiously, he picked up on small vial of lead allergen, held it to my acne and the muscle testing revealed that I was not only experiencing lead poisoning, but it was a severe amount of it in my system and it had messed with the part of my brain that communicates with the thyroid, the pituitary and hypothalamus were both in need of serious supplementation.

My body had put the gut healing on a sort of a pause until the lead detox was done. This means the lead was actually the biggest current threat to my health. I am on at least 4+ supplements specifically for the chelation detox. One of the supplements mobilizes the lead from my heart, lungs and tissues into the blood stream (which can make you feel way worse), another helps extract the lead from the blood stream and out of the body (which helps you not to feel quite so terrible, thumbs up!!). So here I am, just having had a “body scan” yesterday from ol’ doc and I have great news! I had worked my way up to 9 drops of the chelation therapy and that meant that my body needed a lot of support getting the lead out of the tissues because 9 is actually a LOT of drops. Apparently I am going a lot faster through this therapy than most people’s bodies allow them and this past appointment I went down to 8, the proceeding appointments we expect it to trend down until I no longer have to be on the drops at all! Yay! Super excited. It’s amazing the things that get me going these days :p

So conclusively, The doctor had told me that I have to be a lot more careful with the type of carbs I cycle in and how often, so I will be following the plan I had listed in my prior plan, with only the modification that I am going to allow a serving fruit on Friday evenings as well. I saw GREAT results doing strict Keto, then ate inflammatory food and regretted it! These fruit carbs are healthy productive and not going to hurt like the others. If you’d like to review the plan for June that I am referring to, it’s here.

Please feel free to share around this post. If there is anyone out there needing help, whose tried everything else like I have, maybe they can get some encouragement to keep trying until they see great results! I praise God for the ways he has miraculously showed me the way out of this. So grateful and SO blessed 🙂

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