Be, Don’t Manufacture

Yesterday I ran, today I walked with MapMyFitness! Distance: 3.44mi, time: 01:01:14, pace: 17:47min/mi, speed: 3.37mi/h.

I used to feel like, if I didn’t exert myself intensely 5 days a week, that I wasn’t making progress. God has a uniquely individual way of helping me to realize how detrimental self degredation can be. It’s actually a form of pride! Negetive pride. There’s a danger in focusing too much on what WE can do instead of what Jesus Christ can do through us or without us if necessary. Manufacturing our OWN way through this life.

I saw this flower yesterday on my way back from my run. It was gorgeous when I first saw it, but has blossomed overnight. It is the same flower. It was just being what God made it to be. It was not “born” a finished  product, it didn’t have to work hard for it’s petals, it’s beauty is a product of design from the master designer. God takes us from dirt, loves us to bud, accepts us through bloom waters us and we are just blessed to get to be part of a process much bigger than ourselves.

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  1. Katie says:

    Something God has been teaching me too! Such an important truth

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