Meal Plan and Costco Run, Helping Cut the Cost of Healthy Lifestyle

I am so thankful that we have bulk-buy options near us. Costco actually gave us a discount on our mortgage rate when we bought our house. The catch? A membership with them that has already paid for itself in savings.

Today’s run included all the items that I use on Keto that are WAY expensive if you try to buy them in small quantities off the shelf. I am not going to go into prices, because the prices near you will certainly vary, but I will say that when I put off my costco run, my weekly grocery starts to climb ridiculously. Things like coconut oil, eggs, and coffee are fractions of the price and the SAME brand and qualities I’d pick up in my local mart.

Here’s the list….

  • Large ziplocks
  • white Vinegar
  • 3 Heavy creams
  • 4 1.5 lb Kerry Gold Butter (grass fed)
  • 2 Coffees
  • 3 Bacons
  • 2 Sausages
  • 2 cases of 14 Chicken breasts
  • Eggs 5 cases of 24 organic 
  • Apple sauce
  • 1 Yogurt 1
  • Vanilla extract
  • 2 String cheese pks
  • Baking soda
  • Coconut oil
  • Olive oil
  • Thai coconut milk
  • organic antibiotic free chicken thighs
  • 2 pack Beef Chuck Roast
  • grassfed ground beef
  • 2 bags frozen broccoli
  • 1 bag frozen green beans

Keep in mind, things like the eggs are supposed to last me the entire month. Will it go bad you ask? No, eggs can actually keep fresh for about 1-2 months when refrigerated and the high fat in the heavy cream and butter preserve it for over a month as long as they are kept cold. The other things, broccoli, sausage, chicken, etc…I will freeze until I am ready to use.

There are things that I buy that I do not intend to eat myself like the applesauce, also not pictured here is maple syrup to add a dash to my kids herbal teas and all of our toiletry type paper products.

For the chicken breasts I buy, I freeze one box, then batch cook the other for quick grabs for on the run food or on top of salads. You can bake, pan fry, grill or any combo of the three for variety. Cooking things differently and seasoning them differently are the keys to “switching it up” and not getting tired of the same veggies.

The frozen veggies are for quick meals and when I forgot to start dinner early enough, in this case I’d saute them and add some of my precooked chicken and dinner is “fast food,” just not the kind the standard American thinks it is!

Snacks for this week will be….

Double Chocolate Almond Butter Fat Bombs

Key Lime Cheesecake Fat Bombs

Avocado Bacon Deviled Eggs

Stuffed Celery

Breakfast will not change much this month…..

2 Eggs scrambled in 1 tbsp Kerry Gold Butter


1 turkey sausage link


2 slices uncured antibiotic free bacon (save your bacon grease in a tupperware to cook with and add to up your fat intake. We are shooting for at least 200g of fat a day)


Leftovers of whatever we ate for dinner the night before (most of the recipes I link to are portioned for more than you’d eat in one night for this purpose)


3 oz chicken breast + 2-3 cups mixed salad greens (darker the better e.g., kale, spinach, romaine) + dressing


SundayCrock Pot Roast with Veggies

MondayRoasted Whole Chicken w/ Green Beans (try to go for the dark meat and DO eat the skin, eat as much fat wherever you can fit it in, it seems a little barbaric, but your body will thank you! Also, save the juice, that stuff is bone broth and liquid gold, drink as a snack WITH the fat, or use in a soup or chili later)

Tuesday– Burger Patties with Avocado and Salad

WednesdayChilli and avocado with shredded cheese

Thursday-Roasted Chicken thighs with 2 cups Broccoli

Friday-Breakfast for dinner, Eggs, Bacon, Sausage with Cinnamon Scones with Cream Cheese Frosting

Saturday-Cabbage and uncured Kielbasa (stir fried together with onions and garlic, salt and pepper)

I recommend making your own grocery list if you intend on following the plan, you know what spices and items you like, feel free to improvise recipes that you like or find on Pinterest, this is simply my plan for this week.

Here’s a little food prep…

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