Easy Like Saturday Morning (Steak Scrambler)

I love Saturday cooking. Our family usually gets up early (because I have two lovely alarm clocks who want milk and me out of bed first thing….sigh), but we take our time drinking coffee and don’t really eat until around 9 or 10. Because of this, we generally only do about 2 meals and light snacking between.

Last night I made steaks and they were beautiful and delicious. I used the steak drippings to saute’ some cauliflower with garlic cloves to give their essence to the oil. It was scrumdiliumptious. But, without fail, my husband always buys us 2 Kansas City Strips and I can never finish mine. It makes me feel very feminine (wink wink). So I usually get excited about what I’ll use it in the next day as leftovers.

What I decided was that brunch would be steak scrambles (the busy mom’s version of an omelet) with the cauliflower too because we love to stick in nutritious veggies into all meals of the day where we can. Here’s what I did…

You have GOT to try the bacon recipe that I made this morning to go on the side here. Heaven.

Let me know what quick nutritious breakfasts or brunchfasts you like to try on Saturdays, I love new ideas!

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